6.000 m2 We are providing service with production of 5,000 pieces of 400 staff daily. The main focus of production is adopting quality and high-efficiency work. The importance of automation rather than personnel is given importance to adopt the quality of the production from the personnel focus. Bientini
brands are continuing to produce at full speed. We would like to note also that our company was awarded the prize of our most technologically advanced textile production Turkey in the year 2017.
Beginning in the adventure in 1980, we are founded on the manufacture and sale of men's clothing fashion. We have been developing every day and selling to many countries of the world. We do sales and production for 85% of foreign trade. Our factory can meet all your shirt, tie, trouser, belt, suit, tshirt, jacket, accessory, interior and exterior clothing needs with its 400 employees. As Bientini, we are creating fashion using the latest technology and care from the fabric to the yarn.
We are mainly in Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Iraq, Iran
In Asia: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, China, Japan
In Europe: Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands. And America
Bientini We export with our brands.
Every day, we have been increasing our percentage rate on textile exports denominator of Turkey.
We have 4 stores in Azerbaijan, 4 in Azerbaijan in Poland and in Urguay in the Netherlands, and in Urumqi in Saudi Arabia in China.
In Turkey, Adıyaman 3 are found in our four stores in Istanbul.
We are increasing this number every day.

We thank you...
Bientini & Ravanelli Family